Shelby Ryburn

Shelby Ryburn

Co-Founder, MORE Real Estate Group

A California native, Shelby spent her first 5 years in Property Management overseeing a portfolio of apartment complexes, single-family, multi-family, commercial, and shopping center properties and co-managing the Modesto branch of a San Francisco based Property Management company by the age of 24. She then spent 7 years in corporate America with a Fortune 100 Financial Services firm as the Development Officer charged with the oversight of recruiting and sales training, an internship program that consistently ranked among America’s top 10, and the leadership development program in the company’s largest network office with 10 locations across two states. During her tenure as DO, the team was awarded #1 in recruiting among 300+ offices nationwide.

Shelby entered the real estate industry in 2006 selling on a team in the Hollywood area of southern California, launched a coaching company in 2013 after completing a rigorous coaching program as a Certified Business Coach, and had the honor of taking on the Team Leader role of a Keller Williams franchise in the Carolinas in 2014. During her three years as TL, the franchise recruited more than 400 associates, finishing 2015 at #2 in the region in net growth, 2016 at #1 in the region in net growth and was ranked #11 in profitability out of 800+ franchises worldwide.

Shelby returned to her California roots in 2017 as an owner/investor of a Bay Area franchise, then served as the Regional Area Director for the Northern CA & HI region in 2019, serving 35 KW franchise leadership teams.

In January 2020, Shelby partnered with Brian Martell and Ricky O’Neal of Martell O’Neal to form The MORE Real Estate Group (Martell O’Neal Ryburn Experience) where their focus is to provide a greater consumer experience for Sacramento, El Dorado, and Placer counties through grass roots relationship and community-based business. They’ve grown in sales by 62% serving 222 families in 2021 with a team of 17 bright, talented, and humble leaders. The MORE Real Estate Group is the #1 Keller Williams team in the Sacramento Region and #2 in the Northern CA & HI Region. 

As a certified trainer and coach, Shelby travels the country teaching on how to live a leveraged life. In alignment with her passion for developing people and businesses, she, Brian, and Ricky, recently launched Engage, a local training company designed to help small business owners scale their businesses through systems, models, and strategy.

Shelby lives in Loomis, CA with her husband, Matt. They have two young kids who attend Adventure Christian School and together as a family, they are deeply ingrained in their church community at Bayside Church in Roseville, CA.

Shelby is the co-founder of the MORE Real Estate Group, an Operating Partner of a real estate franchise in the Carolinas, co-owner of a training company, and a Certified Business Coach. She previously served in a multitude of leadership roles including Development Officer of a Fortune 100 Company and Regional Area Director charged with the oversight of the growth and productivity of 36 franchises. God had a plan for Shelby to spend her days learning how to succeed with people and knows she has been called to live a life pouring into people and businesses helping them unleash the best version of themselves. Shelby is married to Matt and is a mom (her favorite title) to two kids, Bennick, 9, and Riley, 6.