Nikki Ubaldini

Nikki Ubaldini has been in Real Estate since 1986; along with her husband Gary, they have helped over 5000 families buy or sell real estate. She has spoken to or trained at organizations like Star Power, FAR, CRS, Aetna Insurance Company, and the YMCA, to name a few. In addition, she is a Master Faculty Trainer for Keller Williams University and teaches leadership to young adults as a certified Quantum Leap instructor. Nikki also does private consulting for organizations within and outside of the Real Estate industry, training in many areas like sales, business organization, consultations, and leadership. She has founded a women’s group called Women Empowered to help women advocate and care for their physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Putting all of this into practice, Nikki still has a practicing real estate team with her husband and is currently the Broker Owner of 3 Keller Williams Realty offices with over 1000 agents. She also owns 2 Title companies, possesses ownership in the Keller Williams Ohio Valley Region, and is the Operating Partner of the Keller Williams South Florida Region.