Alicia Shepherd

Alicia Shepherd

Founding Partner of LAUNCH CRE Network

Alicia is passionate about making the commercial real estate industry a welcome space for all. Her vision is to transform the industry to include more diversity and opportunity by improving how those in the industry learn, how they serve their client, and how they function within the brokerage community. Alicia has multiple leadership positions within the commercial real estate industry, including:

Founding Partner of LAUNCH CRE Network, which provides a fully institutional experience for a commercial agent outside of an institutional brokerage. Any administrative or operational need for a commercial agent or investor has an easy-button solution on the LAUNCH platform, bringing much-needed change to the accessibility and transparency of the commercial real estate industry. The LAUNCH network is comprised of 9 separate companies in service to the commercial real estate industry.

Division Leader of Education and Training for KW Commercial, which is aggressively expanding and has over 2,400 agents nationwide. She is charged with developing and coordinating KW Commercial’s various resources to make them the industry leader in training, as they are within the residential real estate sphere.

Lead trainer for Nucleus Commercial. As founder and developer of a highly regarded and industry-leading commercial agent training program, Alicia, along with the other Nucleus trainers, teach agents how to build a real estate brokerage business for listing, buying, and leasing commercial real estate through a comprehensive, foundational curriculum, that teaches practical and usable skills, along with the path to build a flushing business.

Head Commercial Coach for MAPS Coaching, where she is developing, for the underserved market of commercial real estate agents, a team of commercial coaches with exceptional experience within the industry and developing multiple programs that serve those agents at all levels of their businesses.

Fun Fact: Alicia is a mom of four, with 3 of her babies being triplet girls!