Profit Camp

November 19, 2024 | Digital | $99


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Put Your Focus on Profit First

To be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to run a profitable business. That’s true if you’re a solo real estate agent or a market center leader. Yet many real estate professionals make the mistake of prioritizing productivity over profitability. The fact is, more production doesn’t always equal more profit. If your balance sheet, budget, and goals aren’t aligned, you can find yourself overworked, overdrawn, and burning out on building your business.
That’s where Profit Camp comes in. Profit Camp helps you take control of your finances and change how you think about money. By focusing first on your big “why” and the profit you need to fund it, you’ll learn how to build a profitable business that supports a purposeful life.

Discover the Benefits of Profit Camp

In Profit Camp, you’ll create a plan of action to align your finances with your profit goals. But it’s not all about the numbers. The course starts with asking the most important questions about the kind of life you want to live, then turns the focus on how to build your business and financial habits to support that life. That’s what we call creating a life by design, not by default.
The course includes an interactive workbook that builds on the budget and economic models of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Exercises and worksheets help you determine your personal and business profit goals, set budgets, and assess expenses. You’ll learn a clear, easy-to-follow system that helps you do more with less, demand more of your money, and stay accountable to your goals.

  • Define the “big why” that drives your sense of purpose and your financial goals.
  • Examine how you’re spending money, what’s eating up your profits, and where to cut costs to run lean.
  • Learn how to build and manage your business for profit first and productivity second.
  • Understand what to do with profit when you get it.
  • Learn how to start with the end in mind to determine the sales you need to achieve your profit goals.
  • Find out how to filter your business decisions through a pro forma strategic plan.
  • Change how you communicate about money with your team members, partner, and family.
  • Feel empowered to own your financial choices, demand more of every dollar, and create a life by design.

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Nov. 19, 2024 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm CT




Jeanne Osness