KW Talent Lead to Last Workshop

October 16, 2024 | KWRI- Austin, TX | $998

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When the MREA was written, it gave you a roadmap to becoming a millionaire by selling real estate, and building leverage around you. It’s time to take it to the next level and pull back the curtain to teach you how to run that business and truly be the leader that your business needs.

As the second installment of the KW Talent workshop series, Lead to Last is all about you, the leader. This course is designed to focus on the two primary hats you’ll wear as a leader in your business. The manager, and the leader. A successful business is a balance between tactics and strategy, so is leading it. 

KW Talent workshops are designed to be hands on. You’ll be leaving this session with the following ready to implement:

  • Understanding the type of business, and people you want to lead
  • Your missing persons report: Who you need to be in order to lead your team
  • The difference in the hats you wear, and when to wear them
  • An outline of your management style, and how to outline a win win working relationship from day one with your team members
  • And much more!

KW Talent’s Lead to Last workshop is the second part in a three (3) part series. This course, like its predecessor (Built to Last) works best when you bring your team’s core leadership team with you. While it is not a required prerequisite to take KW Talents: Built to Last first, it is highly recommended.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to be a better leader in their organization.

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Oct. 16, 2024 8:00 am - 4:00 pm CT


KWRI- Austin, TX


Liz Landry