Nick Waldner

Nick Waldner

CEO, Waldner Winters Team

Nick has been selling real estate for 20 years. In the past 6 years, his team’s sales jumped from 40 homes a year to 550! Make sure you re-read that… He spent 14 years struggling to sell 40 homes a year and then his business TOOK OFF! Nick will talk about what changes occurred in his mindset and how he was able to grow so rapidly from what he learned! (Hint: All of the credit goes to his incredible team!!) 

Nick also starred in the hit TV series “Waterfront House Hunting” on FYI. He shot episodes all over the country helping people find and buy their waterfront dreams! In the end, TV wasn’t Nick’s true passion- building a real estate team was. He turned down a lucrative offer that included a second and third season of the show and came back to Maryland with a renewed passion. By hiring talented people and giving them the runway to succeed, his team has really taken off! Now ranked as the #1 Group in all of Maryland and DC, his team is constantly striving for more. 

Nick is also no stranger to the stage. Acting as the keynote speaker for groups as large as 20,000 and as far away as Portugal, to date Nick has taught over 250,000 real estate agents, lenders, and title reps…and that number continues to climb! Even still, he enjoys the 25-50 people masterminds just as much! It’s helping people with breakthroughs in thinking and leaving them with TACTICAL advice they can put in process immediately is his secret sauce! Realizing that his success came from the things he learned from others, Nick openly shares all of his business practices, secrets, processes, models, and systems. Nothing is off-limits! This is a candid, clear conversation that will leave you with ACTION STEPS, not just theory! 

When he isn’t working, Nick loves to travel and is an adventure nut! He’s surfed the east coast of Australia, went skydiving and bungee jumping in New Zealand, spent a week scuba diving in Fiji, Climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro AND Machu Picchu, White Water Rafted 100 miles of the salmon fork river, etc, etc, etc… Nick credits his adventurous spirit with how and why he pushes himself so much in the business arena. With all of this success, nothing compares to the time he gets to spend at home. With a baby girl that just arrived, to go along with TWO little boys already running around, Nick and his wife certainly have to stay on their toes! Nick now proudly enjoys more quiet nights and low-key adventures at home or in the woods behind their house but knows, soon enough, he’ll have three new adventure partners ready to travel!