DJ Warren Peace

DJ Warren Peace


DJ Warren Peace was exposed to all genres of music at a very early age, he has a passion for creatively mixing and blending all decades of Rock, Pop, Dance, and R&B  music. His talent and skill set have helped him to develop a reputation for creating unforgettable musical moments at corporate functions, private events, parties, and major festivals!

His love for DJing began with his parent’s Jazz collection and the local rock station. He would use technology to experiment with different sounds and emerging genres. After high school, he became Assistant Music Director at the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ KUNV. He programmed Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, and many eclectic music genres. After 5 years of working at the College radio station, he moved on to Las Vegas’ #1 hit music station KLUC. During both of these tenures, he won many industry awards. He opened a record store in the early 90s and was instrumental in a new form of music called “Mashups”. His most famous artists’ mashups include Ozzy Osbourne, NIN, 50 Cent, Go-Go’s, and The Beatles.

In the early stages of rave/house music, Warren was 1 of 2 DJs that started the Rave scene in Las Vegas. Warren has produced official and unofficial remix work for Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Beyonce, and Snoop. In recent years, Warren created a new format known as Las Vegas Club Format that all major American club venues have implemented and is currently collaborating with the Grammy-nominated house music producer Chris Cox, who has a string of 43 #1 Billboard Dance Club Hits. 

With many dates already booked with major corporate sponsors, Warren Peace is hard at work focusing on delivering quality music experiences that cater to each of his clients.